A Master’s Buffet

If there is one spring sporting event that I love, it’s the Masters. Growing up in Georgia, the Masters was a big deal and lets be honest who cannot love the Azaleas, pimento cheese and sweet tea. Hunter waits all year for this special Sunday and his best friend came to our house to watch it.

With being only a few people over, I didn’t want to throw an all out party and I knew the boys would be hunkered down around the TV anyway. Instead, I cleared off our hardly used buffet table and set up a Masters spread.

I kept things simple and bought Publix chicken salad and used Phillsbury Cresent Rolls to make chicken salad sandwiches. I bought my absolute favorite pimento cheese, Palmetto Cheese,which is made right here in South Carolina. I used the jalapeños and original to make pimento cheese sandwiches. To mark which sandwich was which, I cut  yellow and green flags, green being jalapeños and yellow being original.

I made sweet tea and bought Simply Lemonade for drinks and  I finally was able to use my iced tea glasses  that I have been longing to get out!

The cupcakes were relatively easy to make. I used my Cricut to make the cupcake liners, but you can buy almost exact ones here. Once the cupcakes were made, I topped them with plastic golf balls and was done! I found this green table runner and then used white hydrangeas to pull everything together.

Do you enjoy the Masters as much as Hunter and I do?!

All my love,

Michelle Marie

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  1. 4.15.18
    kathy said:

    Yes, of course!!!! Great ideas!