The Best Sun Hats For Ultimate Protection (That You’ll Actually Want To Wear)

Sun Hats For Women

Best Sun Hats For Women

Sun Hats To Protect You From The Sun

Best Sun Hats For Women

 Best Sun Hats For Women

Best Sun Hats For Women

Best Sun Hats For Women

Womens Sun Hat

Best Sun Hats For Women

Sun hats have become a popular trend in the past two years and I am loving it! If you are like me and burn with even a few minutes in the sun, then you know the importance of finding a good hat! However, it can be tricky to find the perfect hat. Especially one the protects you from the sun while looking cute and staying on your head. 

What To Look For In A Good Sun Hat

  1. Style- Finding a hat that you will actually wear, is the most important thing to keep in mind when looking for a sun hat. I have bought plenty of hats only to toss them aside because I wasn’t in love with how they looked. 
  2. Material- There are a ton of materials to chose from when looking for a great hat. There is the classic straw hat, to cotton bucket hats. Think about how easy the material is to pack and wash when buying. Also, consider a moisture-wicking material if you plan on being in the water or doing heavy exercising. 
  3. Brim Size- Sitting on the beach all day and need intense sun coverage? Make sure to choose a super-wide brim hat that will easily cover your face, neck, and shoulders. The best wide brim hats are around 3 inches if you want to ensure optimal sun protection. However, you may prefer a baseball-style hat or a small brim hat if you are just running errands around town. 
  4. Fit- Look for hats that come in different sizes to make sure that you are getting the best fit. I have a very small head and found a brand that carries x-small hat sizes. If the hat doesn’t come in different sizes, make sure to see that it is adjustable. The last thing you want is a hat that is covering your eyes or flying off your head! 

Best Sun Protection Hat

How amazing is it that hats now have built-in UPF protection?! There are a couple of brands that specialize in making hats with UPF protection. Coolibar and Wallaroo Hat Company are among the most highly rated sun hat companies. They create a huge variety of styles so it should be easy to find a hat you love.

Overall Pick: Wallaroo Victoria Sun Hat

My overall top pick for the best sun protection hat is the Wallaroon Victoria Sun Hat. While being stylish, it also provides UPF protection 50+ and is packable and lightweight. It comes in 11 different colors and while it has a 3-inch brim, it’s still small enough to wear out shopping or to the beach. 

Other Great Options


Best Packable Sun Hat

Pulling out your favorite hat that has been squashed during traveling is no fun! These options are perfect for traveling and keeping your hat tucked away.

Overall Pick: Lanzome Panama Roll Up Hat Fedora

This hat has over 14,000 reviews!! With 31 different color choices and styles, it’s no wonder that people have found what they are looking for. When you are ready to head on that tropical vacation the hat simply rolls up and it easy to fit into your suitcase or beach bag. It is supposed to hold its form well and is adjustable.

Other Great Options


Best Floppy Hat For The Beach

Nothing beats a huge wide-brimmed hat on the beach! Especially one that covers your face, neck, and shoulders plus provides shade from the bright sun. 

Overall Pick: Coolibar Blake Elegant Floppy Hat

One of the reasons why this is my top choice for floppy hats is because of the 50+ UPF which will keep your skin from getting burned! Sun exposure also isn’t good for your hair and can dry it out or damage it. This hat has a beautiful 4-inch brim which is perfect for covering those shoulders. It is adjustable as well, which will help it from flying off your head if it gets a little windy. 

Other Great Options


Best Straw Hats

Is there a better summer accessory than a straw hat?! I don’t think so! There are so many different styles to choose from, like fedoras, wide brim, or even straw bucket hats.

Overall Pick: Brixton Joanna Straw Hat

This hat has been my go-to for over three years now. It still looks brand new and it has been soaked in the ocean, packed in a suitcase, and just had a lot of wear in general. It goes with just about any outfit and keeps the sun off my face. Plus it comes in different sizes so the fit is amazing! 

Other Great Options


Best Cotton Sun Hat

Bucket hats have become incredibly popular this summer and you can never go wrong with a classic baseball hat. 

Overall Pick: Adidas Original Adjustable Strapback Hat & BP Cotton Bucket Hat

This classic Adidas hat can be worn at any time and comes in over 20 colors. From working out to baseball games or just a walk on the beach this hat will be a perfect accessory. I added a trendy bucket hat to this list as well. This hat is only $15 too. I try to keep trendy pieces less expensive, as they come and go, but this one comes in 3 great colors and has good reviews. 

Other Great Options


Best Visor Sun Hats

If I am being really honest, visors are not my go-to during the summer. I find that while they do keep the sun off my face, the top of my head still burns. However, I know some people LOVE their visors! I have found the cutest ones, and they all have amazing reviews! 

Overall Pick: Simplicity Women’s Wide Brim Straw Visor

This visor has over 2,500 reviews with a 4.6-star rating!! It must be doing something right! It comes in 14 colors, is foldable, and has a hook and loop closure.

Other Great Options

I hope that you found the perfect hat for this summer! Let me know which sun hats you will be wearing in the comments below!

All My Love,

Michelle Marie 

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