Winter Date Night Outfit

Winter Date Night Outfit

Winter Date Night Outfit - Striped Tunic - Spanx Leggings

Winter Date Night Outfit - Striped Tunic - Spanx Leggings

Winter Date Night Outfit - Striped Tunic - Spanx Leggings

I am the first to admit that I have such a  strong unwillingness to dress up during the wintertime. I dislike being cold and so often “dressing up” means short dresses and bare legs. This always leads to me being freezing! I found the perfect winter date night outfit that keeps me warm and cozy all night long!

First, let me say that I got these Spanx faux leather leggings for Christmas. Y’all I totally understand all the hype now! You NEED them in your closet. I’ve tried other faux leather leggings and they really don’t compare. Not only are the Spanx leggings thick, they completely “suck you in” while being incredibly comfy! This is great for me right now due to my “winter body” caused by way too many holiday goodies. I am wearing a small and they are a perfect fit. For reference I am 5’5. They do have a petite version if you are concerned about the length.

Moving on, to this unbelievable soft tunic. It completely covers your hind end, therefore you don’t have to worry about tugging it down all night. Also, I think this can be worn as a dress if you are shorter than me, If you try this, let me know! The gold stripe on this tunic sweater is sparkly, which makes it easy to dress up. I thought about wearing black over the knee boots with this but settled for heels. If you live in a colder area, I would definitely go with over the knee boots!

How has everyone’s week been after the holidays? Hunter and I are both struggling with getting back into a routine and it is definitely hard waking up early again! I didn’t create a post this year of my 2020 goals, like I have done in the past, but is that something you would want to see?  I know this time of year everyone is gung-ho about making changes and resolutions. This year I created goals that I can make progress toward each day. Small baby steps can lead to huge things! I hope everyone has had a great week back! What goals do you have this year?!

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