The Perfect Red Lip

My go to lip colors have always been pink and red. I have ventured out beyond those colors now, but I always come back to my signature colors. With Valentine’s Day coming up, what better time to throw on a bold red lip!?

Applying red lips is no easy task and can even be intimidating, but today I am showing you how I apply my red lips.

I start by using a light scrub, like this one, to exfoliate my lips. By removing the dead skin, this will make your lips look healthier and your color last longer. Just be sure not to exfoliate your lips too often. I then apply a lip balm and let that soak in for 10 minutes.

Next I clean my lips, by using warm water and a soft wash cloth. I make sure to remove any lip balm, leftover exfoliate, or foundation.

Once my lips are clean and dry, I grab one of my favorite red shades called Blue Red by LipSense. When using LipSense, you need to shake the color before applying. After a good shake (about 30 seconds,) I open the tube and wipe off any excess product that might be on the wand.

I then apply 3 thin layers to my lips. I let each layer dry for about 15 seconds before applying the next. I also make sure not to swipe the color back and forth, which can act like a dry erase marker and swipe the color off.

My last step is applying the gloss which seals in the color and keeps my lips super moisturizing. The best part about this lip color is that I don’t have to worry about it coming off through out the night, or getting on my teeth and clothes. Plus Hunter likes it too since it won’t come off when I kiss him!

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What other tutorials would you like to see?!

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