The Best Thing I Bought: February

I was debating on what should be featured in this post. To be honest I didn’t buy much in February, expect for a pair of shoes, which are featured in this post here, and a makeup brush.Let me tell you the backstory behind this makeup brush. There was another brush that I have used for years for blending my eye makeup. My mom gave it to me for Christmas as a stocking stuffer one year and I have used it ever since. The brush didn’t have a name and for those of you who are trying to do the math, the brush is roughly 8 years old. The handle has fallen off multiple times and been glue back together and over the years the brush’s bristles became courser and courser and would even hurt if I was doing a massive amount of blending. Despite all of that, I could not get myself to buy another brush. I have bought face brushes, blush brushes, other eye brushes, but not a blending brush. I finally took the plunge and bought myself the beautiful blending brush that I had been envying.

Meet the Sigma E25 Blending Brush. The holy grail of all eye blending brushes. I always knew that good brushes make a difference in your makeup, but I never knew just how BIG of a difference it would make. My eye makeup is blended flawlessly now and it’s not because I have amazing blending skills. In fact, I would say that is one of the things I struggle with. Plus it has the softest bristles, which makes applying shadows a soothing experience. I don’t know why I waited so long! If you are on the fence about buying a new brush, I would take the leap and start with the E25. I promise you won’t be disappointed! You can find this brush here, here, and here.

I have also linked my other makeup brushes that I use daily. Let me know if y’all would be interested in seeing all of my makeup brushes and how I use them!


All my love,

Michelle Marie

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