Preparing For The New Year With Talking Out Of Turn

Preparing For The New Year With Talking Out Of Turn

Preparing for the New Year with Talking Out of Turn

Preparing for the New Year with Talking Out of Turn


While everyone is excited about the Christmas season, I like to take some time in December and prepare for the New Year. I think about what I want the upcoming year to look like, goals I may have and what I would really like to accomplish. This year I am preparing for the New Year with Talking Out of Turn!

The first thing I like to do every morning is to sit down with a large cup of coffee. This blush pink eyelash mug is perfect for the job! I pull out a large notebook, like this cute taskpad, and jot down any thoughts, ideas or to do’s. I like to think of it as a major brain dump. From there I prioritize my top three things I need to do. I also use this taskpad to keep track of goals for 2020. My top three priorities, and other to do’s all get written down in my planner.

Setting goals

I know in the upcoming year, I will be creating a lot of goals centered around my health, the blog and keeping a more clean and simple home. I have decided to start drinking more water now ( in hopes of flushing away all of the holiday sugar) and this steel travel mug is great for water on the go! Its slim design makes it easy to fit in a cup holder plus how adorable is that saying “it’s all good?! I also have been keeping this reusable tote bags in my purse. They fold up so small in their pouch which makes it incredibly easy to go grocery shopping with. Now I am bringing home less plastic bags, which means less clutter in my home! Clean home here I come! Helping the environment is always a win-win as well.

Being Prepared

I like to be prepared for the day and this zippered tote bag is PERFECT for carrying everything. That is because it is technically a weekend bag, but I tend to haul around a lot of stuff. I blame my teaching days for that! The Peachy Mutey Fruity Weekender is large enough to carry my laptop, all of my chargers, plus a makeup bag, pencil pouch, several notebooks, and a jacket. I wasn’t kidding about carrying around a lot of stuff!

Packing healthy snacks helps me eat better throughout the day, so I like to throw an apple, protein bar, and other goodies into this Mutey Fruity makeup bag. Thinking ahead makes it easier to accomplish goals, even if it is a simple as eating a healthy snack.

Other things I always have on hand are pens so that I can jot down blog ideas when they strike. I am in love with these Stay Golden Jotter pens. These along with Posts Its, paper clips, and other office necessities go into this cute pencil pouch.

Preparing for the New Year can be so easy if you have all of the right tools! What are the ways that you are preparing for the New Year?!

All My Love,

Michelle Marie 

*Thank you Talking Out of Turn for sponsoring this post.  Talking Out of Turn is a brand I love and trust and all opinions are my own. 



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  1. 12.23.19
    jessica moran said:

    This is such a great starting point for that new year organizing! thanks for sharing! (also need that tote bag!)

  2. 12.17.19
    Maureen said:

    Great advice and I couldn’t agree more with your tips and love that eyelash mug. I seem to be collecting items with a winking eye or eyelash item of some sort!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

  3. 12.5.19
    lauramintz said:

    I am loving all of these products! You offer some great tips on keeping organized too. Thanks!


  4. 12.5.19
    Kathy said:

    Great post! I don’t usually want to think about one holiday until the upcoming one is over but I HAVE been thinking about goals for the new year. Happy New Year!😉😉😉