May’s Favorite Buys

I have to admit something upfront, this post isn’t colorful and filled with must have jewelry, dresses and lipsticks. Instead, it is filled with a bunch of amazing products that are a necessity in daily life or items that I have come to consider a staple in my closet.

First favorite buy are these computer glasses. Hunter and I both stare at a computer all day long and these glasses help block out the blue light that can cause eye strain, headaches and vision loss. They have tons of frames and can even buy them with readers lens. We can both honestly say that we see an improvement with eye strain at the end of the day. If you have a job that requires intense computer use or you just want to protect your eyes as you browse then these are a must have!                                                                                                                                                                          Shop Here


Like I said this post isn’t glamorous, so cue these foot cushions. If you struggle with pain while wearing high heels, especially in the ball of your foot then you NEED these! Honestly, I bought these because I was desperate. I have been wearing heels much more lately and several nights I have come home with sore feet and Hunter carrying me through the door because I couldn’t take one more step. I have used multiple foot pads in the past but they are either made of plastic and cause my feet to slip or they don’t work. These are amazing though and I might have to  buy them for every pair of heels and wedges I  own!                                                                                  Shop Here



Okay now onto my wardrobe staple. I bought these high waisted denim shorts on a whim and I have worn them so much already! I was a little nervous about high waisted shorts, but I love never having to pull down my shirt in the back to make sure nothing is showing. Plus these shorts have made me try more crop tops which I am loving.                                                                                                        Shop Here





Alright you guys, I have saved the best for last. For the past couple of summers I have dealt with acne caused by my sunscreen. My face broke out every time I was at the beach or pool and eventually I opted out of normal sunscreen on my face and put on my everyday makeup which has SPF in it. I knew the SPF wasn’t high enough though especially  when spending all day outside. Enter the best face sunscreen ever. La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios Clear Skin Face is oil free and has an SPF of 60. PLUS it does not leave any white residue that most sunscreens have and it feels like you are putting on regular moisturizer. It lasted all day through the heat, sweat and sea salt.                                                                                                                         Shop Here


What product are you most excited to try?!

All my love,

Michelle Marie

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