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Leading up to the wedding, I was continually asked “are you getting excited about the wedding?” or “how are the wedding plans coming?”  Now that we are married, it has come down to one simple question “how’s married life?”

To answer that question, it’s GREAT!

I know what you’re thinking… “you’ve been married for almost two months…just wait.” With running the risk of being slightly rude,  we don’t want to hear about the “just wait” part of married life that everyone talks about, because quite frankly we try not to listen to much marriage advice  and old marriage stories, from people other than our close friends and family. This is why.

We kept hearing about this “transition time” where all of a sudden you’re married and stuck together. That was something that we never experienced. We came straight from out honeymoon to the house and settled right in. Our biggest transition was where to put the coffee maker.

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Then, even before we were married, we were told that buying a house together would create arguments and that it would be the most stressful thing we had done in our relationship.  Well it wasn’t. I’m not saying  buying a house and moving isn’t stressful, it just wasn’t stressful on our relationship, nor did it cause a lot of arguments. Once again, our most stressful thing about buying a house?… where to put the darn coffee maker (can you tell where our priorities are?)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the best thing about marriage is that we get to make up our own advice and follow our own rules. That is why our marriage is great so far. We realize that every marriage/relationship is unique and we know what works for us.

Whats the best/worst advice people gave you when you got married?

All my love,

Michelle Marie

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