How To Style A Cropped Chunky Sweater

how to style a cropped chunky sweater

how to style a cropped chunky sweater

Chunky Cropped Sweater

Black Suede Knee High Boots

how to style a cropped chunky sweater

Chunky Cropped Sweater

 This is the last chunky sweater that I am buying for the winter season. The color is incredibly beautiful and it is so cozy! When it came in though, I could not believe how short it was! I knew that it was a cropped sweater, but I didn’t know it was going to be that cropped. My first instinct was to return it as showing large amounts of my belly isn’t really my style. I decided to try it on anyway and I am so happy I did! So I am showing you how to style a cropped chunky sweater today so that you feel confident wearing it and without having your tummy on display to the world.

How to style a cropped chunky sweater

Before I dive in on my “how-to tips” I tried this sweater on with a few other bottoms and hated the way it looked. I even believe that the shoes you wear matter as well to achieve a truly “elongated” look. Now don’t get me wrong. You wear, this outfit however YOU want too and what makes YOU feel amazing, but here I am showing you what worked for me.

My secret is that it is all in the jeans. I am wearing a ten-inch high rise jean that completely covers my belly button. They aren’t so high that they hit my rib cage, but I am itching to buy some higher ones like this! The jeans cover up so much of my stomach anyway, I didn’t have to worry too much about how short the cropped sweater was! I also did a front tuck which helped keep the sweater in place. As much as I love the cropped sweater trend, it can be hard to style without showing too much.

Cropped tops are so much easier to style in the summertime with high waisted shorts, or over bathing suits. Plus it is summer! You are allowed to show a little skin! That is why I find it especially difficult on how to style a cropped chunky sweater. No one wants to have skin exposed to the already freezing winter weather. Cropped tops can also “shorten” your body. As someone who is 5’5, I like to make my body look as long and lean as possible!  That’s why I opted for pointed knee-high boots! They make my legs look incredibly long.

Had the weather been colder while shooting this, I definitely would have worn a cami or bodysuit underneath. Speaking of weather, is this weather not crazy?! Friday it snowed here in Greenville, SC, Saturday when I shot this outfit it was about 45 degrees and now on Monday, it is a beautiful 75! I even went running today which is a HUGE accomplishment for me! Although I must admit, I may have been a little inspired by last night’s half time show. Did anyone else watch the Superbowl/ JLO / Shakira??

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