How I Get My Hair To Hold Curl

How I get my hair to hold curl

Happy Wednesday! Wow, where to begin on this post! Let me start off, by saying this post is not sponsored in any way. I have the hardest time getting my hair to hold any kind of curl. My hair is super straight and silky. You might be thinking that silky is a good thing, but when your hair goes flat after a minute and literally falls between the clamps of a curling iron it is incredibly frustrating. I cannot even tell you how many different products I have tried, that have fallen short.  So here is how I get my hair to hold curl and what I am using to make it stay put!

It all starts and ends with Bumble and Bumble Thickening Line. I said before that my hair does not hold curl and has little volume. Well, that because my hair doesn’t have any texture!  My goal when I do my hair is to “dirty” it up as much as I can. It starts in the shower where I use the texturing shampoo and conditioner. If I am not taking pictures that day or know I won’t be outside for long amounts of time, then I might omit this step and use my normal shampoo.  However, if I need extra protection from humidity then it is a must!

My Holy grail products for getting my hair to hold curl

After I step out of the shower, I use the “Go Big Treatment.” This step is more about protecting my hair from the heat while creating volume. Always use a heat protectant so you aren’t damaging your hair!

Next, I use my HOLY GRAIL product. You cannot forget to use this and is the key to amazing hair hold. If you only want to try one product, this is it!! It is Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Hair Spray.  You use this while your hair is still damp and before your blowdry. It is a texturizing spray that will transform the feel of your hair! Some people have said that it made their hair feel “dry,” trust me your hair is not dry, it is just completely changing the texture. I use a fairling large amount of this. I spray all over and make sure the roots, ends and everything in between have been spritzed!

My Holy grail products for getting my hair to hold curl

Whew! After all the spraying, I put a dime-size amount of Style Creme, just on the ends of my hair. This is really just me giving myself extra insurance on making sure that my hair holds curl all-day.

I flip my hair upside down to blow dry using this hairdryer, which you can find on sale here! I make sure it is completely dry and cooled down before I begin curling it. This curling wand is my other holy grail product and I swear by its curling abilities!! My hair has stayed put so much longer after I use this wand! Once my hair is curled (another post for another day) I spray my hair with whatever hairspray I have on hand. Then you’re done!

How I get my hair to hold curl

At night, I put my hair in a loose bun on top of my hair to sleep and use these hair scrunchies that I swear by. The next day, I let down my hair, maybe add some dry shampoo and run my fingers through it.

I know that was a long post, but hopefully, I was able to answer all of your questions!

All My Love,

Michelle Marie


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  1. 8.25.19

    Oooo! I need to try these products!! Thanks for the tips. Your hair always looks fab!!