Holiday Guide: For The Men

This gift guide was asked for over and over again! With the help of Hunter, my Holiday guide for the men is here!

This is a gift area that I really struggle with. In fact, most years Hunter tells me exactly what he wants (links included) and even will add the exact size he wears. For example, he wanted wading boots a few years ago. How on Earth am I supposed to pick out wading boots?! Therefore he sends me exactly what he wants, but unfortunately that leaves no surprises for him at Christmas. Hunter is actually really good I learned at giving ideas! It makes sense because he is into a little bit of everything. He is an avid fly fisherman but loves to golf. He can fix his own car most of the time, is quite the handyman and has a classic style when it comes to clothes.  So when he started rattling off ideas, my immediate thought was… are you sure??? Guys  want a socket set?

Needless to say, if you don’t like these ideas, blame him not me! Just kidding. Kind of.  I hope you enjoy and I would LOVE to know what you bought your man for Christmas! Let me know in the comments below!

All My Love,

Michelle Marie

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