10 Pairs of Fall Shoes You’re Going To Want To Buy Right Now

Fall Shoe Trends 2020

Fall is right around the corner and I cannot believe it! With everything going on this year, I am looking forward to a change in seasons, even more than I usually am. I feel as if summer slipped away without me realizing it. Does anyone else feel that way too? I am determined to NOT let that happen to fall! This is my favorite time of the year and I plan on finding joy in everything this season brings. Of course one of my many seasonal joys is autumn clothes and shoes! I rounded up the best fall shoe trends for 2021 in hopes of helping you find the perfect pair to spice up your fall wardrobe!

Must-Have Fall Footwear

There are 5 must-have fall shoe styles to have in your closet this year. Each is a classic pair that can be styled in many different ways and should serve you well through winter and for a few years to come.

Fall Shoe Trends

1. Knee- High Boots

The classic fall boot. I love how these boots can go with everything. Seriously though, I pair these boots with dresses, jeans, skirts and they have been worn to every type of occasion. They are easily the pair that I grab the most. This year, look for knee-high boots with a pointed toe and heel. The pointed toe will help elongate your legs versus the rounded toe trend in previous years. Any heel height allows you to wear the boots to a more dressy event. 

Fall Shoe Trends

2. Over The Knee Boots

Want to add a little more sass to your fall wardrobe?? These are the boots for you! In the fall, I am definitely more trendy and take on an edger style. I love wearing over the knee boots or OTK for short, to help me achieve the trendiest looks for the season. The key is to finding OTK boots that actually stay up! This blog post will help with that! I still get a ton of wear out of those boots and will most likely buy them in more colors this year. If you are looking for an over the knee option that isn’t so tight on your thigh, look for a pair that has a stretchy back panel that comes down slightly lower than the front. Also, look for boots that say “thigh-high” instead of over the knee.

Fall Shoe Trends 2020

3. Mules

Mules might be my favorite of all the fall shoe trends this year.  have seriously been loving this classic shoe! I am incredibly happy that mules and loafers have made a full comeback! The wonderful things about mules are that you can stick to a classic leather shoe or opt for one that is a trendy snake print with draped chains. I even love the ones with that have a fur trim! Personally, I have my eye on these. Mules are just so easy to throw on and head out the door. They also seem to make any outfit seem more put together due to their traditional style.

Fall Shoe Trends 2020

4. Loafers or Ballet Flats

Pair loafers with stretchy black leggings, and an oversized sweater for the perfect easy fall outfit! With so many different style options, it is easy to create a look that is completely yours. These tweed loafers with a snake print trim and added gold chain have been calling my name since I saw them! Don’t be afraid to add no show socks on chillier fall days. I hear that these no-show socks are the best!


Trendy Fall Shoes

5. Booties

Oh, how I love the bootie trend. If you are searching for the trendiest booties of 2020, look for a pair that goes up slightly past your ankle and has a pointed toe. White leather booties are a hot seller this year along with crocodile-like leather. This pair was my go-to bootie last year and will continue to be this year too! They held up incredibly well and are super comfy. plus they are on sale and just in case they sell out this bootie is their 2021 version.


 Fall Shoe Trends For 2021

Now that you’ve seen the basic shoe silhouettes to watch for this autumn, here are the top style and prints that will help you find the trendiest fall shoe for your closet.

1. Leopard

Yep! Leopard is still going strong for the fall of 2021! Leopard mules are the best in my opinion because of their versatility. However, if you want something more fun these leopard sneakers look so comfy and I love the modern flair.

2. Snake Print

This is easily taking over as the trendiest print for this season. While I have not been the biggest lover of the snake print patterns in the past, I am slowly coming around. I am still not a huge fan of the black and white prints and prefer the golden/ beige tones, but you decide which one you like more! If you are like me and only like it in small doses, look for shoes that have a snake print trim, or strappy heels where the print is not overwhelming.

3. Chains

Don’t get scared and imagine the 90’s long chain on the jeans trend! Think subtle, elegant gold chains that add a bit of lux to your suede flats. I love a touch of hardware on my shoes and therefore I am head over heels for this fall shoe trend! These mules with the braided gold chain have caught my eye and I love the different colors. 

4. Suede

Can it really be considered a fall shoe if it’s not suede?? Just kidding… while there are many textiles for shoes, suede is my favorite for fall! Every year my most beloved and worn boots are suede. I find myself adding more suede shoes to my wishlist over any other type of fabric or leather. Yes, they are harder to keep clean but my secret to clean beautiful suede is this! Trust me, this stuff is a lifesaver! 

5. Bright Leather

While I normally prefer neutrals for fall, I could definitely get on board with a deep turquoise mule. This fall shoe trend, however, is more for the bold personality type as most of these bright leather booties come in vivid reds and greens.

What do you think of these fall shoe trends for 2020 and which one is your favorite?! 

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