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So happy to be doing another coffee date! I feel like life has been busy lately, but in the best way possible. Almost every weekend has been filled with family, friends, football, and fall season fun. We have been apple picking, camping, and this past weekend family friends came to North Carolina where we spent the weekend going to fall festivals and eating at the Grove Park Inn. It is seasons like these where I feel so blessed to have my family be so close and thankful that we have wonderful family friends who create the time to spend with us. For me, that is one of the reasons that fall and the upcoming holiday season is close to my heart. I believe that fall truly brings people together whether it’s through football or people wanting to see the beautiful fall foliage.  I hope that you have had a spectacular season as well!

Life Updates

Here we go with the IPhone pictures to show you just some of the wonderful things we have been up too!

These are the wonderful family friends that came to see us this past weekend. We went to Highland Brewing Company in Asheville, where there is also a bourbon distillery.

If you have never been to the Grove Park Inn, it is a MUST see! It is one of my favorite places in North Carolina. The views are unbelievable and I personally find the history of the old hotel fascinating.

Meet Chubby!

Word of advice. Before you name your cat, go call the name really loud in the front yard and see if you’re embarrassed. There is a little story behind Chubby. To begin, I am a huge cat person. When we moved into our house there were tons of cats in the neighborhood. Hunter told me that if a neighborhood cat had kittens then I could have a kitten. We can’t remember the first time we saw Chubby, but we think it was around last March. Here comes this incredibly round cat and I thought for sure this cat was pregnant. So I began feeding this kitty, and every day it would purr and sit with me. Soon I was secretly letting it inside the house when Hunter was gone and after a few months still, no kittens That is when we realized that 1. this cat was male and 2. he just loved to eat and was large, hence the name Chubby. Finally after months of pleading Hunter let me keep him. He now sleeps right in between us at night and follows us around the house. Be on the lookout for him on my Instagram stories!

5 Things I’m Loving

1. Chic Happens Oyster Shell Necklace – If you read my post a few weeks ago, I introduced a new jewelry company that makes amazing oyster shell necklaces. I am wearing the denim colored one in this picture, but I have the olive color as well.

2. Autumn Scented Candle – This is my favorite candle to burn during the fall season and it smells AMAZING! Hunter personally likes the Flannel Candle better so we switch off.

3. This Blanket Scarf – I love the colors in the scarf and I think it would be perfect right through Christmas! Plus it looks so cozy and it’s 40% off!!

4. Wubby Fleece Pullover – Y’all this is the coziest pullover you have ever seen! This has been on my bucket list to get and now that it’s on sale, I might have to pull the trigger!!

5. Fur Lined Mules – This is another thing on my list wish. They look like the perfect shoe to wear during these chilly days. And for less than $25 they are a steal!

Would love to know how your fall has been and what you have been up too!

All My Love,

Michelle Marie

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  1. 10.24.18
    Kate said:

    Where did you get those boots in the pic with the Rothwells?? 😍😍😍😍 Absolutely love

    • 10.24.18
      michelle marie said:

      Thank you!! They are from Goodnight Macaroon!

      • 10.24.18
        Kate said:

        Awesome. Checking out the site now. Do the boots run bigger or how do they feel size wise?

        • 10.24.18
          michelle marie said:

          I feel like they run pretty true to size. Im a 7 1/2 and ordered a 38.

  2. 10.24.18
    Claire Kelly said:

    LOVE that orange shirt. Perfect for a Clemson game day. Also planning a visit to Highland Brewing! What a cool venue. The real star of this post is Chubby. Where did you get the hat?!

    • 10.24.18
      michelle marie said:

      It would be so perfect for a Clemson game! We got Chubby’s hat at Target! 🙂