The Best Books To Put You In The Fall Spirit

Best Fall Books

I am always looking for my next book to read. I am a huge seasonal reader too meaning whatever season/ holiday is upon us, that is what I am going to read about. When fall rolls around, I can’t help but pull out all the books that make it feel like fall. I want to read about crisp weather, leaves crunching, witches casting spells, and ghosts looming in old buildings. Finding the perfect fall novel can be hard however and there are so many that seem to fall short. I have put together a list of the best fall books to read that will, without a doubt put you in the fall spirit.

Fall Romance Novels

The Cottage On Pumpkin And Vine By Kate Angell, Jennifer Dawson, and Sharla Lovelace

This book is sure to get you in the fall mood! Before I dive in on discussing this book, note that this book is actually three short stories, however, they all revolve around Rose Cottage and the owner Amelia Rose. I normally stay far far away from short stories, but these were amazing.

Every year Amelia Rose throws a Halloween party at her cottage and local legends say that people have a way of finding their true love during the celebration. Is it a coincidence or is a little magic involved?

I personally loved all of the characters and fell in love with each couple! I love the details of Moonbright, Maine, and really wish it was a real place. The descriptions of the festive decorations put you in the perfect fall mood and as it turns out love is the sweetest Halloween treat! Sorry y’all – that was a cheesy line, but I just couldn’t help it! I will warn you though, there is some explicit language in this book however I don’t think that it is overdone.  Also, remember that this is a romance novel and well things can get a little steamy... I think this book is a great choice for anyone looking for a little love this fall season!

The Bakeshop At Pumpkin And Spice  By Kate Angell, Donna Kauffman, and Allyson Charles

Need even more of Moonbright, Maine?! The town is famous for its Halloween Parade and Bellaluna Bakeshop is here to keep the people of Moonbright buzzing on sweet treats and pumpkin lattes. There may be more than just sugar in the cookies though, as customers swear they find love after devouring the baked goods.  Are the cookies spellbinding good or is there real magic inside each cookie?

Once again, this book captures the essence of fall. Between reading about Halloween parades, magical treats, and the state’s largest pumpkin patch,  I was ready to whip out all of my fall decors! This book just like the other, and is three short stories.  This book doesn’t get quite as steamy and I do not remember any explicit language so it makes for a fun and easy fall read!

Best Witch Books

A Discovery of Witches \ All Souls Trilogy By Deborah Harkness

The first time I read this book for the first time back in October 2014.  It was unlike any book I had read before and I was hooked! I read the first two books in just three days and then waited (very impatiently) for the third to come out. I was the first person in the bookstore and devoted the entire day to reading The Book Of Life. After the series ended, I almost felt like I was mourning because no other magical book could compare. Since then I read the series every October and now the series has become quite popular! This trilogy is definitely my number one best fall books to read!

The Witch of Willow Hall By Hester Fox

Set in 1812 New England, the Montrose family flee Boston after rumors of a family scandal and settle in their new home Willow Hall. However, things are not what they seem at the charming estate especially to Lydia Montrose who seems to be drawn to the houses’ dark past.

This book strays from the usual happy novels that I chose to read, however, I loved it! There were unexpected turns in every chapter and some truly tragic moments, but I had to know how it ends! I also had so many questions while reading this book. Were the rumors true? What was the rumor? Is this character good or bad? With ghosts, spooky happenings and talk of witches this book is an amazing fall read!

Spooky Must Reads

The Haunting Of Riley Watson By  Alexandria Clarke

Lucia Star a fake psychic who is hired to watch over 12-year-old Riley Watson whose claims to be haunted. When Lucia arrives at the Vermont ski lodge, things get too real – including the ghosts! Now Lucia and Riley must work together to figure out what the ghosts want before even more lives are lost!

 There is murder, mystery, and of course, ghosts, which makes this a great October read! I love that this book was scary without being gory and that I could read it at night and still fall asleep. I loved that it takes place at a Vermont ski resort and reading all the details about snowstorms and skiing made the book that much more enjoyable, especially when you are longing for cooler weather. 


Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? I would LOVE to continue to update this post, so if there are any must-read fall books that you would like for me to review, leave a comment below! 

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