Best Christmas Gifts I’ve Ever Received

This morning I thought I would share a different kind of holiday guide. Every morning, I sit down to drink my coffee on the couch and enjoy some quiet time before the chaos of the day begins. As I looked around at some of my favorite things, I realized that most of them were Christmas presents I had been given over the years. So I thought I would share with you the best Christmas gifts I have ever received!

By the way, these are in no particular order!

 Best Christmas Gifts I’ve Ever Received

1.Ugg Slippers – I have had my Ugg slippers for many many years now and they still look new! The fur lining is still fluffy too! I wear them every day and they have held up so well. They have far outlasted any other pair of slippers I have owned and are definitely worth the investment!

2. Clarisonic –  I was given this when I was either a freshman or sophomore in college and I am still using it today! I have bought replacement heads (which you are supposed to replace every 3 months), but that’s it! I truly see a difference in my skin when I use it every day. My skin is more soft, with fewer bumps and my blackheads disappear! Not only do I think it helps with exfoliating and acne, but it gets the blood circulating in your face, which means my face is less puffy in the mornings.

3. Heated Blanket – I am always cold!! Really though, I am always walking around in a robe or with a blanket wrapped around me. My mom bought me a heated blanket a few years ago and I use it every single day from October to May (turned on.) The other months I simply use it as a regular blanket and I love it!

4. This Vacuum – Don’t laugh!! Last Christmas I asked my mother in law for a vacuum just like hers and oh boy did she deliver! I wanted something that could reach under my couch, where my big vacuum couldn’t reach and something I could grab easily to give the house a quick pick me up. I use this almost every day and I love that it’s cordless!

5. Longchamp – I absolutely LOVE my Longchamp tote! I have had it since high school and it is STILL in amazing shape! I have used it every day since it was given to me. It has been used as my teacher tote and it is my go-to travel bag when I fly. It is lightweight and can be folded down when not in use.

6. Simplified Planner – This is technically a gift I buy for myself every Christmas. I have used my Simplified Planner for years and it is a staple for my everyday life.

7. This Watch –  I think that everyone needs a classic watch that can be worn no matter the occasion. I have this watch in all gold and in silver and gold and I wear it every single day. In college and while teaching, I could not live without a watch ( I hate being late) and today I find that it is a classic piece that has not worn over the years.

8. These Boots – I know that these boots are a splurge, but I love quality over quantity. I can tell you that these boots will last for years, although I do recommend getting some matching shoe polish. I still remember opening these on Christmas morning and it was the biggest surprise!! My boots are easily over 5 years old and still get tons of use!

I would love to know what are some of the best Christmas gifts you have ever received! If you need more gift ideas, check out my 50 gifts under $50 here!

All My Love,

Michelle Marie

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