Baby Doll Coat + My Unfortunate Life as a Style Blogger

“You should do more style posts!” These were the word that came from my friend, which in all honestly made me uncomfortable. When I started this blog, that is part of what I had envisioned, style, home décor, beauty, travel and little random tidbits from my life. Reality set in that 1- I am not a great photographer and 2- I get incredibly nervous when I’m trying to take pictures outside and people can see that I am taking pictures of myself. That is a fear I am slowly overcoming, but that is not the point of this post.

Back to what my friend said. This friend of mine is pretty brilliant, and has been a family friend of my husband for years and we have a joke in our house that whatever she tells us to do, we do it because her advice never steers us in the wrong direction. So I started small. I posted a picture of a shirt on Instagram, which to my surprise received more comments and likes than I would have thought. My next step would be to do a full outfit. Y’all, let me just tell you that the “photo shoot” did not go as planned. I finally get outside and set everything up only for it to start raining. In my head, I was thinking “it’s fine, a little rain never hurt anyone and you probably can’t tell in the pictures. Turns out you can tell when it’s raining due to raindrops being on the camera lens, so I moved everything indoors, which is really not ideal. To answer the question, which you could be thinking, I do not own a big full length mirror yet, however it is in the plans.

    Similar Coat // Similar Coat // Similar Coat // Similar Coat 

I finished and was disappointed by my results. There was not ONE full length picture, however I sent a picture to my friend anyway and she wrote back “post it.” Now I had a dilemma. I wanted so badly for this to be a blog post, not just an Instagram picture, but my pictures were not fit for a blog. A quote popped into my head “done is better than perfect.” I decided to create a blog post anyway in the hopes that people would see the “not so perfect side” of fashion blogs and enjoy a good laugh. I promise that not every post about style will be this long, but I hope that you are willing to stick with me and my blog, if nothing else for future laughs.


            Shirt // Necklace 

Notes about this outfit: The coat is from J.CREW, however they didn’t make this color this year.  I call this the “baby doll coat” because I bought it when I was shopping with my amazing sister- n-law and when I put the coat on for the first time the words “you look just like a baby doll” came out. Those words made my buy the coat on the spot.


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