And I Thought I Loved You Then

As I sit here in front of my computer this morning, I didn’t think I would be this emotional. Our first year of marriage has flown by and yet in many ways, it feels like we were always together. This year we moved into our first house, which was in another state, started jobs, Hunter completed his Master’s degree and yet every step of the way has felt safe, calm, assuring and filled with love. The last part may sound cheesy, but when I think of those memories that may sound chaotic or nervewracking, I remember the hugs in between study sessions, watching movies on the couch after long days at work, and playing Carolina beach music while we repainted our new home.

That is how our wedding day went as well. It was calm, assuring and so much love filled the air that day, not only from me and Hunter, but from our friends and family as well.

The Venue

Our wedding took place at the Vineyards at Betty’s Creek in Sylva, North Carolina. It was the perfect location and it was absolutely gorgeous!


Getting Ready


The Ceremony






I really hope that wasn’t picture overload. There were so many to chose from and I tried to add pictures that gave you the overall feel of our wedding. It was the most amazing and special night. Our vendors are below just in case you want to check them out and if you still can’t get enough, here is our wedding video!

“A Lifelong Love” | Michelle + Hunter Roberson from Alexander Rivera on Vimeo.

All my love,

Michelle Marie

Venue: The Vineyards at Betty’s Creek 

Photographer: Terri Clark Photography

Videographer: Alex Rivera Films

Flowers: Ray’s Florist

Wedding Planner: Candace Hightower at Mingle Events 

Caterer: Caroline Allured Catering


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  1. 10.24.18
    Claire Kelly said:

    Such a gorgeous venue!

    • 10.24.18
      michelle marie said:

      It really was! It was perfect for what we wanted 🙂

  2. 6.24.18
    Kathy said:

    Perfect post, Michelle!!! I love everything about it! Happy Anniversary! We love you!

    • 6.25.18
      michelle marie said:

      Thank you! We love you too!