A Fresh Start In March

“This is my year!” “I’m going to complete all of my goals” “By the end of February, everything will be achieved!” This was me in January. I was so excited for the new year and I had made a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish for the new year. Fast forward to the end of January when two of my major goals had not been completed, I had fallen short of my daily to do’s and my beautiful planner that I had waited MONTHS to use had been written in for about a week. February started and I pushed my PowerSheets and Simplified Planner away, ashamed of everything that wasn’t done.

In February, I kept thinking about my PowerSheets and using them, but then the days passed by and I told myself it was too late to start any goals for the month. Then something amazing happened, one of my goals that I didn’t accomplish in January, was achieved the last week of February and I began to think to myself. What would have happened if instead of being ashamed and let down of things that weren’t done that month, instead I looked at a new month as another opportunity to achieve that goal? How good would it have felt to mark “done” on that particular goal if I had used my PowerSheets in February?

So it hit me. ANY day is a fresh start and my fresh start was happening in March. I got out my Simplified Planner and PowerSheets and dove into prep work to make sure that I could make progress towards my goals. Notice I used the words “make progress.”  I now understood that as long as I was working toward a goal that I was helping to achieve it. Even if it wasn’t completed during the month, I know that someday, I will complete that goal and it will be incredibly wonderful to mark it as done, knowing that I put months of effort into it.

If you don’t know what PowerSheets are, they are an intentional goal planner created by Lara Casey. It is so much more that just a book that keeps a list of goals. It breaks down your goals and has action step pages, plus there are pages of prep work that help you know your “why” of each goal.  I use my PowerSheets along with my Simplified Planner to prepare for each day. Any daily goals I have, I write them down in my Simplified Planner, as well as appointments, meals and other things on my to do list.

So friends, always know that any day is a fresh start. Don’t be discouraged of all of the things not done and instead look at making progress. Let me know what your goals are!

All my love,

Michelle Marie

*This post is not sponsored, I am just a full believer in PowerSheets and The Simplified Planner.

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