5 Ways To Support Small Businesses + A Huge List To Shop Small

Does anyone have the feeling of “I need to be helping” or “doing something” during this time? I know, I do, but at the same time, I feel like there is actually very little I can be doing except stay home. For everyone’s information, I am the worst sewer ever, and no one would want the masks I create. The one thing that I do know, is that small businesses are struggling during this time. So today I am sharing 5 ways to support small businesses and I created a huge list where you can shop small.

Also, note that many of these lists are not full and there is a reason for that. PLEASE comment below in this post or message me if you are a small business or know of one that you want to support. I will add them to the list and my hope is that these lists continue to grow over time. Although I have a local Greer/ Greenville list, it DOES NOT MATTER where you live if you want to send a small business in. Feel free to leave websites and info in the comments for everyone to see.

5 Ways To Support Small Businesses

1. Shop and Eat Local

I know that you have heard this one many times over, but it is so true. Instead of grabbing tacos from the huge chain restaurant, swing by the locally owned restaurant you love, even though it may be out of the way. A ton of small businesses have online ways of shopping and ordering now, so be sure to check those out!

2. Share/ Follow/ Like/ Comment on Their Social Media Posts

Even if right now you can’t afford to eat out or shop at local boutiques, you can still share their posts and information. They might be running sales, deals, or have hour changes that not everyone knows about. It also keeps that shop or restaurant in front of their mind when people are ready to spend money again.

3. Buy Gift Cards

If you can’t eat in their restaurant now, buy a gift card and eat later.  This can be done for local boutiques as well. I also just heard of another genius idea that Concord Coffee is doing. They are a local coffee shop in Lakeland and Gainsville Florida and have been asking that people donate one of their ground coffee bags to local hospitals. You don’t have to anything but donate on their website and they do all of the work for you. I think it would be AMAZING if everyone asked if their local coffee shops were doing this as well. The local coffee shops are staying in business and local hospitals get the benefits!

4. Check For Online Classes Or Tutorials

This is especially true for fitness classes! Many of them have created online classes for you to do. Such a perfect way to see your favorite instructor even if it’s from a distance! I know for sure Mantra Fitness is doing online classes and I have heard that they are amazing!

5. Say Thank You

Everyone right now is doing everything they can during a tough situation. I know that emotions are everywhere, but remember to be patient. Orders may take a little longer, service may be slower and there might be a ton of tech glitches to new websites.  Sometimes we forget that there are real people doing all of the behind the scenes work and a simple thank you goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to ask for store mangers or tell employees how much they mean to you and how great of a job they are doing. Leave a comment on their website or Instagram to tell every one of your great experience. Trust me, they appreciate more than you know.

Huge List of Small Businesses You Can Support

5 Ways To Support Small Businesses + A Huge List To Shop Small

Kate Waldo + Co

Ashlee Hightower – Contracts For Creatives

The Modern Connection

Work Well With Kate

Amber Housley

5 Ways To Support Small Businesses + A Huge List To Shop Small

Fan and Lighting World 

Seventh Avenue Apothecary

Society Social

Candlefish Candles

5 Ways To Support Small Businesses + A Huge List To Shop Small

Charley’s Boutique

Sail To Sable


J. Marie Collections

Elizabeth Wilson Designs

Camilyn Beth 

Ashleigh Kirby Designs

St. Armands Designs

Sea Marie Designs

Stylin Brunette

Clairebella Studio

5 Ways To Support Small Businesses + A Huge List To Shop Small

Stomping Grounds – Greer

Abbott’s Frozen Custard – Greer

Sully Steamers – Greenville


Thank you, everyone, who sent in a small business and keep them coming! This blog post is will continue to be updated in the upcoming days and weeks, so check back in! Also, keep in mind please that Michelle Marie Blog is a small business too. I appreciate your support and love during this time as well.

All My Love,

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