5 Trends To Look For This Season

5 Trends To Look For This Spring and Summer 2020 Season

5 Trends To Look For This Spring and Summer 2020 Season

5 Trends To Look For This Spring and Summer 2020 Season

5 Trends To Look For This Season

I would not really consider myself a “trendy” person.  I have colors, palettes, silhouettes, and styles that I am drawn too and that is what I normally wear.  My style tends to be slightly more on the classic side, but I still find ways to incorporate the latest trends of each season. These are my top  5 trends to look for this season and how I would style each one.

5  Trends For The Spring/ Summer 2020 Season And How To Style Them

1. Neon

When I first heard neon was making an appearance, I was slightly apprehensive. I envisioned the 90’s riding back with full force. That wouldn’t be a huge stretch either since high waisted and mom jeans are all the rage. Instead, it has provided a rather bold dash of color to the otherwise dark and meek season. This sweater is perfect to test out this spring trend. It is super bright but doesn’t quite have that harsh look of neon yellow – which btw you WON”T see me wearing. Yellow is just not my color. This sweater is incredibly soft and perfect for lounging around plus it’s on clearance!!  If you do want a bolder neon it also comes in green. I look forward to this trend continuing into the summer and I could definitely see some neon t-shirts or bathing suits making their way into my closet.

2. Woven Belts

Holy moly, if there is one trend that I could jump on, it’s this one!! I have always adored woven and wicker bags, and shoes. So you can bet that I already have one woven belt that has made its way into my spring wardrobe. I got this belt here and it’s only$14! If you have been keeping up with my blog posts, I posted my love about this woven belt already in this blog post here.

3. Tie-dye

If I am being honest, I don’t know if I am going to jump on the tie-dye bandwagon. I have seen the cutest tie-dye jumpsuits, t-shirts, even sneakers but it also reminds me of high school. There have definitely been trends however that I said I was never going to like and now I’m obsessed, (looking at you, high-waisted jeans) so you never know!

4. Puff Sleeves

Hannah Ann, I am looking at you 😉 Puff sleeves add quite the flair to any outfit. I especially love the feminine touch it brings to tops. This top here is adorable and only $18. It also comes in a ton of colors!

5. Mom Jeans

Skinny jeans have ruled women’s closet for a couple years now. I think the trend for this season isn’t necessarily about wearing mom jeans but making a sift into the other jean silhouettes. For example, I just purchased these classic straight leg white jeans. I am in love with the fit, style, and stretch of these jeans and they have already been worn more times this season than my beloved skinnies.

Just a few tricks for trying out the spring and summer trends for 2020! My first tip with super trendy pieces is to buy them at more affordable prices. I would stay away from designer, especially if a trend may only be here for one season. My second trick would be to pair the trend with an already classic piece that you already own. For example, instead of buying an entire neon green crop set, just purchase the top and wear it with the jeans that you already love.

What is your favorite trend for the spring and summer 2020 season?!

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