3 Ways To Style A Woven Belt

3 Ways To Style A Woven Belt

3 Ways to style a woven belt

Remember a few posts back when I said that you would be seeing this belt a lot?! It is back one more time! Today, I am showing you 3 ways to style a woven belt. This belt is turning into a spring and summer staple item and I want you to get all the use out of it you can!

Finding The Perfect Woven Belt

When it comes to trendy accessories, I never want to spend more than I should. Especially when an item may only be “in” for a few seasons. I also look at how I will be wearing that item and how much wear it will get. For example, you’ll see below that I love to wear a woven belt with a bathing suit or coverup. Since you tend to be around water while wearing those items, I didn’t want one massive wave to ruin an expensive belt. Instead, I opted for a belt that was easily replaceable and less than $14.

This belt (in my opinion) is the perfect woven belt. It is inexpensive, comes in 22 different styles, and has free shipping. It is a win-win all around. Just to make you even more confident in your purchase. I have worn this belt all over the beach, out to restaurants (back when we could see go) and around the house and it still looks brand new. My exact style is this one here.

3 Ways To Style A Woven Belt

3 Ways To Style A Woven Belt

More often than not, when I think of my “go-to” accessory, a belt is the furthest from my mind. I tend to grab bold earrings, a dainty necklace, or a handbag. I wanted to show you how much a statement belt can change an outfit and just how versatile it can be. 

A Skirt Or Two Piece Set

“If it doesn’t have belt loops, then it’s not made to be worn with a belt.” Ha! This was my thought process for a long time! Now, I love pairing a belt with a skirt. It defines my waist, and it can really bring together two separate pieces. Especially with the outfit, I am wearing above. Before the belt, the outfit looked okay and not as put together. The skirt has a plain elastic waist and you could clearly see where my bodysuit and skirt meet. With the belt though, the bodysuit and skirt flow together, creating one seamless outfit. Plus, now I am hiding the elastic waist. 

Defining A Dress

I love creating a waist. My waist is one of the parts of my body, that I like to show off, but sometimes the dresses I choose are loose or baggy. This coverup dress is a recent purchase, and I love how versatile it is! However, there is no waist and can look overly casual or bland.  Throw on a woven belt and now it can easily be worn with wedges for a casual dinner or flats for running errands. 

How gorgeous would a woven belt be when paired with a white dress?! I love this option for an easy lunch date look. Here is another great dress, if you are looking for something to wear for all occasions. I linked a few more below, and I think all of these would look great with a belt!

Bathing Suit & Coverup

Last week, I dedicated an entire blog post around a bathing suit that was paired with a belt! I absolutely love this look and it is my favorite way to pair a woven belt! Anything straw, screams beach, and summer to me. It made a bland black one-piece into a glam swimsuit ready for the beach club! You can wear it over a coverup as well or even a loose-knit sweater

This black bathing suit is less than $24 and comes in 4 different color options. It has an amazing fit and adjustable straps. Mine has been worn a few times, been washed and it has held up incredibly well. I am wearing a size small. 

Which is your favorite way to style a woven belt?! Let me know, in the comments below!

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